Renewable Energy

Say goodbye to huge energy bills and hello to a cleaner, greener home with renewable solar energy. Offset the cost against your energy bill under the Green Deal scheme or we are here to help with suitable finance options.

Make energy bills history and look to the future with cleaner, greener, solar power.

Are you fed up with the relentless rise of your energy bill year after year?

Feel trapped in the cycle of switching energy provider for the best deal, followed by another price hike, followed by another switch and so on?

You don’t have to put up with this.

Heatwave have everything you need to become energy self-sufficient. With solar panel technology, you can harness the power of the sun to generate your own electricity and hot water. Which means, you say goodbye to hefty energy bills, forever.

Solar PV.

Solar Panel Electricity Systems or Solar PV use photovoltaic cells to capture the suns energy and turn it into electricity to run your home. They don’t need direct sunlight to work and produce electricity, even on cloudy days.

Solar Thermal.

Solar Thermal uses collector panels that harness the warmth of the sun to heat the water in your home. The hot water is then stored in a cylinder and can provide 50-70% of your hot water. A standard immersion heater or conventional boiler can be used to heat the water to a higher temperature or when Solar Thermal isn’t available.

Heatwave provide a manufacturers warranty and a 12-month guarantee on all installations.

Enjoy the benefits of solar power.

The Sun’s energy is free.

After you have paid for the initial installation, no more unmanageable energy bills.

You are radically reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar technology does not release any harmful CO2 emissions. A typical home using Solar PV could save over a tonne of CO2 per year. That’s over 30 tonnes over the lifetime of the system.

You can even make money.

The government Feed-In-Tariff Scheme (FITS) pays you for the electricity you generate, even if you use it. It also lets you sell your surplus electricity back to the grid. If your system is eligible for FITS you could earn two sources of income when you install solar power into your home.

You could also earn an income from the Renewal Heat Incentive (RHI) for the heat you generate on your Solar Thermal System.

To find out how you can become energy independent with cleaner, greener, solar energy, call Heatwave on 01942 497 977 today.
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