Corporate Partners

Working alongside our tried and trusted partners to bring you cutting edge products and services, at reasonable prices. At Heatwave we take our reputation very seriously. This is why we are very selective about the manufacturers we work with. The quality products and services we use lead the way in performance and reliability. This enables us to fulfill our objective of bringing down your energy bills and carbon emissions in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Here are some of the key manufacturers we are proud to partner with at Heatwave.



Working together to eradicate fuel poverty, Valiant are our main manufacturer for the free boilers we install under the ECO scheme.

Worcester Bosch

Our primary manufacturer for the boilers we install at cost and on finance. Winners of the Which? Best Buy award for Most Reliable Boiler Brand and Most Satisfied Customers for the 3rd year running.
Energy Saving Recomended


Adey provide us with MagnaClean® filters, which we use when installing a new heating system. These filters remove black iron oxide build up, prolonging the life of the boiler and the efficiency of the heating system.
Energy Saving Recomended


Working with our award-winning partner Isothane, we can resolve all Hard-to-Treat cavity problems with a special product called Technitherm®. It is the only complete cavity wall insulation, wall-tie replacement and structural stabilizer approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA). This partnership has enabled Heatwave to deliver carbon reduction savings of approximately 118,808.595 tonnes to date.