Save money and stay cozy with loft and wall insulation from Heatwave. You may be eligible for free insulation or we have a range of flexible finance options to suit you.

If your home isn't properly insulated, it won't just be your energy bills that are through the roof.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, buildings that leak heat and waste energy account for 43% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions.

Homes that aren't insulated waste energy at an alarming rate. As the heat escapes through the roof and walls, your central heating system has to work harder to heat your home, landing you with hefty energy bills.

Insulating your loft and walls with Heatwave is a simple and effective way to reduce your energy bills and those nasty CO2 emissions. It could save you up to £295* per year.

Thermal insulation comes in many forms - glass wool, rock wool, sheep's wool or DURATHERM spray foam. It creates a barrier that keeps the heat in, like putting a snug winter coat around your home. So, the better insulated it is, the less money you spend heating it.

How do I know if my walls are insulated?

Most houses built after 1990 should have adequate loft and wall insulation, but many don't. If your property is older than this, it may not have any insulation at all and could be costing you money. To find out, give Heatwave a call and we'll arrange a free boroscope inspection. One of our insulation specialists will drill a small hole into your wall, to see if it's filled or not.

Loft insulation.

A quarter of the heat in an un-insulated home is lost through the roof as it rises, so it makes sense to get it insulated. You could save up to £150* per year on your energy bill. Our skilled installers will fit your loft insulation with minimal disruption. It is fully fire retardant and lasts for up to 40 years. So in time, it pays for itself over and over again.

Wall insulation.

A home that isn't properly insulated loses a third of its heat through the walls. Fitting wall insulation is the single most cost-effective way to increase the energy efficiency in your home. It could save you up to £145* per year. Most houses in the UK have either solid or cavity walls that can both benefit from some kind of wall insulation.

HTT - Hard To Treat walls.

When a property cannot be treated with standard cavity wall insulation, its walls are classed as 'hard-to-treat'. This could be for any number of reasons: If any of these issues apply to you, don't worry. Heatwave specialise in HTT properties. Working with our partner Isothane, we can treat all HTT problems with a special product called Technitherm. It is the only complete cavity wall insulation, wall-tie replacement and structural stabilizer approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA).

Why Heatwave?

When you choose Heatwave to insulate your home, you are choosing a supreme level of service.

Give us a ring to arrange an appointment and we'll send one of our expert team to your home to carry out a free energy assessment. This review allows us to make the right recommendations for your property, to increase its energy efficiency.

We will offer you sound, impartial advice and talk you through the finance options available, as well as any government funding you may be eligible for.

Once you are happy to proceed and the necessary funding or finance paperwork is in place, we will arrange a date that is convenient for you to install your insulation. There is minimal disruption and we always tidy up afterwards.

Once installed, your insulation needs no further maintenance. So you can feel good, knowing you are doing your bit for the planet whilst making considerable savings on your energy bills.

It pays to insulate. Call Heatwave today on 01942 497 977 to find out how you can start saving money.

*These figures are estimation, based on insulating a gas heated home.

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